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Who would want the Ghost Ring EX system?

Folks who have purchased the system have been those interested in deer hunting, home defense, law enforcement, and security.

Building your Ghost Ring system

  • Can the Ghost Ring Rear Sight be used alone?
    Yes! It is great alone (If you only want to mount a scope or you have a front rifle sight to use).
  • My magazine tube is big – over 1” in diameter. Can I still use the system?
    Yes! The rear sight works, and if you select the single version of the front sight, it will work well (see picture on right of single front sight with large diameter magazine).
  • Can the Ghost Ring Rear Sight be used with rifle sights?
    Yes! The stock rear sight needs to be removed (but leave the base on the barrel which is soldered on). The rear sight lines up perfectly with the front rifle sight.
  • I have a ribbed barrel. Does the system work with that?
    Yes! The rear sight works. Just be sure to select the ribbed version of the front sight.
  • How do I install the Spitfire sights?
    Installation instructions are available from each individual product page. Please visit your sight's product page to download an instruction sheet.
  • I have an after-market magazine tube extension. Will the system work with that?
    Yes! The rear sight works. With the front sight, be sure there isn’t a bracket on the front (see left picture below). If you don’t have a bracket, select the double version of the front sight (see center picture of how this slips over tube), and you will be good to go! In some cases, the single version may work (see right picture of how this works). If you are in the market for a mag extension and have an 18″ or 20″ barrel, we recommend the TacStar Magazine Extension for 12 gauge shotguns (select the Remington 870 8-shot size from the TacStar website to view details). Gander Mountain and other stores carry this brand.

Will Spitfire Sights fit other shotgun brands and models?

Our sights may fit your shotgun even though it is not specifically mentioned on the product pages. To see if your shotgun is compatible, please download and print these cut-outs:

Buying and Shipping

  • What do you charge for shipping?
    We use US Post Office (USPS) Priority Mail service which comes with delivery confirmation and delivers in 5-7 business days from the time payment is received in most location. Signature is required for orders over $250 to ensure receipt. Shipping cost will display on checkout page. For more information about shipping, please see or Shipping Policy page.
  • Do you market your products in Canada or anywhere outside the US?
    We would love to sell to our neighbors to the north (literally, as we are in Minnesota), but due to government regulations, we have kept sales to US banks and the 50 US states at this time. But you please share your contact information with us in case this changes in the future.
  • Can I pay with credit card?
    Yes! Use our online ordering for secure credit card transactions. You can also use PayPal.


What else does Spitfire Armory sell?
The Ghost Ring EX and MX are the main products of Spitfire Armory, but with Troy Pongratz, president and chief engineer, also being a long-time hunter, more products are on the way as he sees a need for them. If there’s something you wish were on the market, let us know.

If there’s something you wish were on the market, let us know through our Contact page or on our Facebook page.